March News Update

From October 2022 until the present day d’Orkest decided to temporary stop live performances and focus on writing new songs. They are currently working on 9 new tracks in styles varying from new disco, funk, dance, to afro beats, kaseko, soul and R&B while also broadening their lyrics by writing in French and Aukaans (a local maroon tribal language). The themes highlighted are social injustice, humanity, self-reflection and of course love, hate and desire. Keep following the bands socials for release dates of:

  • Politicians Gold
  • Maintenant
  • Close Call
  • Good Intentions
  • The Light
  • Indian Flavor
  • Wasting Time
  • Rosepetals and Blue Butterflies
  • Over Again 

The band has been invited to perform at festivals in neighboring French Guyana next May and the Netherlands during the Summer.